"It's not like I'm drunk," Chase heared someone say, as he shouldered his way through the crowd around the door of the Crown. "It's like my body's developed this massive alchohol deficiency." It was a City voice and a City joke.

Maus was tending bar, his re-possesed arm seeming to writhe monstorously as he filled a tray of glasses with draft larger. He saw Chase and smiled, his teeth a series of jagged points betraying his demon blood. Chase found a place at the bar, between the unlikely tan of one of Price's toms and the crisp naval uniform of one of Her Majesty's finest. "Raphael was in here early, with two golems," Maus said, shoving a draft accross the bar with his good hand. "Maybe some business with you, Chase?"

The world of Urban Mythos is not quite like ours.

I'm sure you've seen this phrase countless times in RPG books, especially over the last 15 years. Yes this is a world that's a lot like our own. Yes, The City bears a striking similarity to a city in our world. Yes, there is magic in the world of Urban Mythos. But what stops this being another colon using clone setting is that this time, everyone knows about the magic. Pretty much anyone who has the time and patience to learn a spell or two can go to their local bookshop and buy a manual that will let them do things that in this world would be pure fantasy. Your neighbour complains that the cops pick on him because he has horns, and standing in line at the supermarket you think nothing of the two vampires in front of you complaining about the poor quality of the cheap, own-brand blood. But people here are not fonts of mystic knowledge: like this world, people are lazy. It's not secrets that limit understanding here, it's ignorance.

Sure there are things that man doesn't (and wasn't meant to) know. There's such a diversity in The City's population that nobody could possible keep track of all the races that call it there home and all the magics in use there. But for the most part, people learn what they have to, and then they turn the TV on.

Urban Mythos: not your grandfathers roleplaying game of personal horror...

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